About the
Sugar Shack

Welcome to The Sugar Shack, Spring Grove Soda Pop’s new retail outlet. Located in Spring Grove, Minnesota, our 1950’s themed storefront offers an assortment of classic candies, gourmet soda, and timeless gifts. Swing by The Sugar Shack today for a nostalgic shopping experience like no other!

Craft Soda

Experience the full-line of Spring Grove Soda Pop and other nostalgic brands such as Frostie, Cock’n Bull, and more!


Classic favorites such as Abdallah Chocolates, Sea Salt Toffee, Pez Dispensers, Razzles, and more!



A variety of gifts for the whole family including: The Sugar Shack and Spring Grove Soda Pop apparel, comic books, glider airplanes, hand buzzers, and more!

Contact info:

215 2nd Ave NW
Spring Grove, MN 55974
(507) 498-3424



Mon. – Fri.: 8:00AM – 5:00PM